Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Is Age the Determining Factor about Driving for Your Senior?

When the question of driving comes up in relation to your aging family member, her age might be the first consideration. But it might not be the most important aspect for you and your senior to focus on with this situation. Other factors can have a great deal more weight, which means they should be your focus. 

Can She See Well Enough to Drive? 

Being able to see what's going on around her is a key part of safe driving for your senior. If your elderly family member hasn't had her vision checked recently, you should get an appointment scheduled right away. Once you know what she's up against when it comes to vision issues, you can either take necessary corrective steps or take the next step in helping her to ease out of the driver's seat. 

How Are Her Reflexes? 

Your senior's reflexes and her reaction time are crucial behind the wheel. Is she responding quickly when she needs to? There's no room in driving for slow decisions or for your senior to be unable to respond quickly by hitting the brake pedal when necessary. If her reaction time in normal daily situations is a little off, it probably is behind the wheel, too. 

Has She Gotten Lost or Distracted While Driving? 

If your elderly family member has experienced confusion or distraction while driving, that might be normal to a certain extent. But that's a different story if she's getting lost or confused in familiar locations or she's experiencing this issue often. This situation can put your aging family member into more dangerous circumstances that can quickly turn very bad for her. 

How Does the Car Look? 

Make it a point to take a look at your senior's car now and then. What this does is give you a benchmark for how the car looks and you can start to spot differences. Look for dents or scratches that are a little more involved than something that might have happened in the parking lot. These types of marks, especially if they're showing up more often, can indicate that your elderly family member is having trouble driving safely. 

When you and your senior are ready to try other options for her besides driving, you might want to consider hiring elder care providers to do the driving for her. They can help her to get where she's going safely and on time without endangering herself in the process. 

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